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Hi, Hello, It’s Me

My Story

I’d love to share a little from my heart with you. Even if you were a teensy bit interested in what life is like with Perfectly Posh biz, keep reading.

It is seriously the BEST. JOB. EVER.

It wasn’t that long ago that I was so closed off, I wouldn’t even go to the grocery store because I didn’t want to be around people.  I have always been a somewhat social person, but as time went on I  would prefer to be home. Then, I discovered Perfectly Posh after a childhood friend shared a hand lotion with me.

I had never used a lotion like that before, and the more I used it the more I fell in love.  I thought – I could share these amazing products with my family and friends.  But I made a promise to myself, if I was going to do it, I had to do it all the way.  It has brought me out of my shell so much, I actually even do events and get to know people again.  I think that is my most favorite part of this “job” meeting and becoming friends with so many new people.

This business has been a game-changer for my family and I love talking to others that might be in a similar spot. I’d love to answer any questions that have crossed your mind even if you have a tiny bit of curiosity! Send me a quick text and I’ll happily visit with you. No strings attached! What do you think?

PS: Feel free to simply reply with any questions or shoot me a text at  (307)296-1883, too! 🙂